Why missing a call is like letting a customer leave your shop

Why missing a call is like letting a customer leave your shop

It may seem an odd thought at first, but we think it has a real impact that business owners should be aware of. So here it is. When someone picks up the phone to call your business, they could be making an enquiry or they could have already decided that they want to make a purchase.

If they can’t get through to you, they have no choice but the put the phone back on the hook without progress and with a slight feeling of disappointment. Maybe you’ll get back to them right away and save the day, however this isn’t always the case for most business owners. Often callers find business numbers from directories or like most of us, Google. As useful as these services are, they usually display a list of companies that offer what your potential customer wants to buy.

Now let’s imagine this exact customer wanted to make a purchase from a shop instead of over the phone. After browsing the shelves and collecting their desired products, they arrive at the till only to find nobody is around to work it. Perhaps they’ll wait around for a moment or two, occasionally glancing down the isles hoping to spot a member of staff heading their way. Eventually eventually they’ll have no choice but to abandon their items and leave the shop without them.

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