About e-PA

Our goal is to help businesses grow with the support of a dedicated and skilled team. Filled with experts in all departments, we aim to help business people focus on what they love doing, without the time-consuming list of things to do required to make a successful and profitable business.

About the company

e-PA HQ is based on the Isle of Wight, England and actively searches for local people who are committed to making a difference to join the fast expanding e-PA team. We‘re committed to providing reliable, highly effective business & customer service solutions that give a genuine boost to the lives of our clients all over the world. Here at e-PA, you'll always find friendly and understanding people dedicated to helping your business and your customers.

Our mission

Our mission is to help small to medium size businesses grow with stability and confidence. We strive to offer the best possible combination of business services and by doing so, can proudly call ourselves a globally unique business support service.

Our people

e-PA actively searches for innovative people experienced in multiple fields that also understand the importance of customer care. Our team take pride in increasing their client knowledge and love making a positive difference to the lives of their clients.

Our promise

We promise a fully tailored and dedicated service to every one of our clients and their customers alike. We will always stretch for a 5-star experience and ensure that we're doing everything we can to help our clients achieve their goals.

The service your customers will love

We tailor our service to your business. Your PA can use website forms; dashboards; apps; spreadsheets; documents or property portals like Rightmove and can even utilise any website to further assist enquiries. In addition, our unique add-ons and extra services work hand-in-hand with all Answering Services. Your PA team can email attachments from your business email; send physical literature with your letterheads; contact customers to relay messages; book appointments using your website or shared calendars; schedule appointment reminders and so much more.

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Discover how e-PA works and the benefits of having an entire team of experts in all departments, on-demand, for your every business need.

A service that tailors to your needs

Your PA team can use website forms, quote forms, dashboards apps, excel spreadsheets, documents or property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. PA's can even post physical literature with your letterheads and so much more.

Rocket boost your customer services

Your team takes learning about your business seriously, is committed to winning you sales and always goes the extra mile for your enquiries. With your customers cared for you can do what you do best while never missing an opportunity.

We obsess over the small details

By combining frequent training and a fully dedicated approach, your PA's understand your needs and how best to handle your enquiries at a reliable and impressive standard. Your updates or new instructions are instantly implemented.

PA careers

We're always looking for skilful, wonderful and fun people to join our team. Find out more about PA job types or submit an application.

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