Frequently asked questions

Read a few answers to questions we're frequently asked.

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You'll receive your own unique 'DDI' (direct dial-in) number which is recognised by our system as being registered to you. Your PA team know that it's your company that is being called by using bespoke software and answers each call with preparation. You can even advertise your DDI number if you wish. If you misplace your DDI number, simply call us and we'll send it back to you right away.

No. Our technical PA team can guide you over the phone if you would prefer or simply set it up on your behalf. We can even contact your hosting supplier if you are not sure what details are required to access your website. Installing Live Help is usually a quick job and doesn't cause interruption for your website visitors.

Yes. Redirecting contact form notifications is usually a simple job and can be done in minutes. If you're not sure what to do, our technical team and give you instructions or redirect notifications on your behalf. Email notifications can also be configured to still send you all notifications so that you're always in the loop; your PA reports will let you know if a call back request has already been completed.

Yes. Every interaction from replying to comments, liking comments and following back to private messages and conversations are logged and sent to you. You can also opt for daily, weekly or monthly activity reports.

Yes. If your booking system allows additional users then your PA team can learn how to use it and start booking appointments. If you use a website booking feature or a website dashboard, we're happy to use those too. e-PA can also use online calendars such as Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal and more.

This is one of the questions that we ask you while setting up your account or sending a quotation. We'll set-up each office as an account but still work through one or multiple primary decision makers. Within each message or interaction report that your PA sends, the office that has been contacted will be displayed, whether we answer a telephone call, a social media message, an email, or any other enquiry. Each account will also have access to their e-PA call or activity reports, which can also be copied to any other contact that you choose.