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on demand office support a cost effective solution for small businesses

On-Demand Office Support: a Cost-Effective Solution for Small Businesses

In an effort to address income inequality and improve the livelihoods of millions of people, the UK government recently announced an increase in the minimum wage. While this move is undoubtedly a positive step for workers, small businesses may face ...
blog artificial intelligence vs human touch

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Touch in Customer Service Solutions

A question that is on our minds: “What is best in terms of customer service solutions: AI or the human touch?”. This big question needs to be addressed as it is followed by the incentive of a lower price for ...
Santa Klaus on a telephone call

Rock Your Business’ Customer Service During The Holiday Rush

The winter holiday season is the busiest of them all. Countless people purchase in-person or online starting with the pre-Halloween holiday and continuing through Christmas and the New Year. Given that the holiday season is quickly approaching, there will most ...

Mental health is a universal human right

#WorldMentalHealthDay #MakeItRight   Time to buckle up, in this blog post we're going on another wild ride, this time on the subject of mental health and mental health in the workplace, and prepare yourself to be surprised by the jarring ...
blog artwork how does an email answering service work

How Does an Email Answering Service Work?

As the virtual world grows, more businesses move online and email has become a key communication tool. However, with the increase in email volume we face the challenge of managing them all and when it comes to managing emails, it’s ...
from chaos to order the power of effective diary management (2)

From Chaos to Order: The Power of Effective Diary Management

  Diary management is an essential task for any business, whether it’s small or large. It involves scheduling appointments, meetings, and other events to ensure everyone in the company is on the same page. While some small businesses may be ...
seamless integration with your business crm, calendars, apps and tools (2)

Seamless Integration with Your Business CRM, Calendars, Apps and Tools

As a business owner, you know that communication is key to success. However, managing multiple communication channels, calendars, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be a daunting task.   Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential tool for businesses that ...
best uk customer service providers to outsource to in 2023 (2)

Best UK Customer Service Providers to Outsource to in 2023

In this article, we will take a journey alongside science for interesting facts & stats, break down what outsourced customer service is all about, and name our picks for the best UK customer service providers to outsource to in 2023. ...
call handling and customer support services for sole traders in the uk (1)

Call Handling and Customer Support Services for Sole Traders in The UK

It's important to consider the benefits and challenges that come with this type of business structure. Some examples of sole traders in the UK include freelance writers, consultants, plumbers, electricians, roofers, builders, gardeners, hairdressers, photographers, fitness instructors, web designers and ...

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