Outsourced switchboard & professional receptionist teams
Overflow call handling assistance for your current team or full-time receptionist support.

How it works

A professional team of receptionists, ready to handle calls or support your existing team on an overflow basis. Calls are transferred to the correct department or a message is sent by email or SMS.

Our experienced receptionist teams can use systems or websites to further assist callers, won't cost you extra PAYE and you'll never have to worry about staff cover or busy periods.

e-PA can act as overflow support for your existing team, handling all calls that aren't answered within a certain time (e.g. 10 seconds)

Save costs on PAYE, HR, equipment and holiday cover. We're there only when needed and not a large overhead if not.

Reduce costs from additional cover when your existing team members are on holiday or off sick.

If you're expecting a large influx of calls from marketing, we can handle the calls and obtain any information required from callers.

Immediate support for emergencies in which your existing team are unable to use systems or handle calls.

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Holiday/busy cover

Overflow coverage for busy periods or staff holidays

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No off-time or HR

We're always around and won't cost you PAYE

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Save on resources

No need to buy expensive equipment or technology

Speak with an advisor

We'll get in touch to discuss your requirements and provide a suitable pricing scheme.

Full-time support

Overflow support

Marketing support

Shortage support

Emergency support

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