We're always looking for skilful, wonderful and fun people to join our team

Careers at e-PA

Customer Services PA

Apply to join our expanding team of customer service PA's who answer telephones, website live help, social media, emails and more for an array of their assigned clients.

Careers at e-PA

Executive Sales PA

Represent e-PA on the field and join our Executive PA sales team. Opportunities range from appointment making in our offices, from home, or meeting new clients.

Careers at e-PA

Company PA

Work with all e-PA departments and join our support and admin team. Job roles include system maintenance, supporting team members with tasks, general administration and more.

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Our PA's are real and genuine people, recruited to the expanding e-PA team for their kind nature, dedicated personality, customer service skills and commitment to making a positive difference to small businesses. If you're interested in starting a new career with e-PA, please contact us.