How Does an Email Answering Service Work?

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As the virtual world grows, more businesses move online and email has become a key communication tool. However, with the increase in email volume we face the challenge of managing them all and when it comes to managing emails, it’s important to have a reliable service that can help you stay organized and on top of your inbox.

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What is an email answering service?

An email answering service is a type of service that manages your incoming email messages on your behalf. Essentially, it is a virtual assistant that helps you keep your inbox organised and ensures that you never miss an important message. This is commonly used by businesses that do not have the resources or expertise to handle their email customer service.

An outsourced email answering service is a type of customer service that allows a company to outsource their email customer service to a third-party provider.

Delegating your emails to an outsourced customer service provider can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that receive a high volume of emails. By outsourcing your email management, you save time and resources on hiring and training a full-time employee to handle your email communication, and it saves you the trouble of doing it all by yourself so you can focus on other important areas of your business.


What types of businesses can benefit from an outsourced email answering service?

Any business that receives a high volume of emails or needs to provide 24/7 customer support could benefit from an outsourced email answering service. This includes small and medium sized businesses, e-commerce websites, and large corporations.


How do I choose the right outsourced email management service for my business?

When choosing an outsourced email management service, it is important to consider factors such as cost, experience, availability, and the level of customer support that is offered. You should also read reviews and ask for referrals to ensure you’re choosing a reputable provider.

Here at e-PA, our goal is to help our clients save time and improve their productivity by handling their email correspondence efficiently and effectively. With a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house employee.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses from various industries (sole traders: plumbers, roofers, builders, property industry: estate agents, property management businesses, legal industry: solicitors). We help them grow with stability and confidence. We don’t just answer your emails, we manage them!


What can e-PA’s outsourced email management service can do for you:


Respond to emails on your behalf in a professional and timely manner with exceptional email etiquette:

Managing your email properly is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital world. Your e-PA will not only ensure that your inbox stays organized but also help you communicate effectively and professionally, as instructed. This will help you avoid missing important deadlines or forgetting to follow up on important emails.


Filter out spam and unwanted messages:

Managing your inbox can be an overwhelming task and also time-consuming. Your e-PA can help you stay focused on the messages that matter most, while also protecting your business from potential security threats or unwanted spam material.


Integration with other communication channels, such as phone or live chat:

Integrating email with other communication channels can help you provide a better customer experience, respond to enquiries faster, and work more efficiently.


Providing the necessary support to ensure that the company’s customers are satisfied with their service:

Your e-PA can attach documents, book appointments, take payments, set reminders and even relay messages. To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty it is critical to have timely and effective email management.


Customised message forwarding and routing:

Say goodbye to email overload and hello to a more efficient inbox. Your e-PA can direct messages to specific team members or prioritize certain senders. Allowing you to create a personalized email workflow.



Opting for an outsourced email management service will save you time and money, reduce errors, improve organization and workflow, and improve your productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing your email management can be cost-effective compared to hiring and training in-house staff to handle the same tasks. You also won’t have to worry about providing benefits and other overhead costs associated with hiring additional employees (no PAYE or NI).


Seamless CRM integration:

If you are looking to streamline your customer service processes, integrating your email answering service with your CRM system can be a game changer (Salesforce, Hubspot, monday, ZOHO, Freshworks, Zendesk, Aptivo, etc.).



As your business grows, you can easily scale your email management services up or down as needed without having to worry about hiring and training new employees or investing in expensive software and hardware.


Why choose e-PA as your outsourced customer service provider?

e-PA HQ is based in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, UK and is a family-run company. We’re committed to providing reliable, highly effective business and customer service solutions that give a genuine boost to the lives of our clients. We have achieved this for more than 20 years.

We promise a fully tailored, dedicated service to every one of our clients and their customers alike. We will always strive for a 5-star experience and ensure that we’re doing everything we can to help our clients achieve their goals.

Try any of our services for free, with no contract and no obligation. We encourage you to see for yourself what a difference our services can make for you and your business.


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