Solicitors – Your client enquiries handled professionally & confidentially, by our legal industry-experienced receptionists

solicitors your client enquiries handled professionally & confidentially, by our legal industry experienced team

Imagine this scenario: you finally have your legal firm up and running but it’s becoming increasingly harder to manage your client interactions, all while handling court cases, documents, contracts…

It might seem counterintuitive to think about your business’s customer service and client satisfaction when your job and the main focus is to win your client’s legal battles.

Still, your potential (and existing!) clients have very high expectations when it comes to customer experience. They hate having to call multiple times, waiting on the telephone line too long or repeating themselves, and they sure hate when nobody is taking their calls or they have been forgotten, or when they run into an answering machine.


missed calls statistics


Statistics show that about 85% of people will not ring back if they hear an engaged tone, and they will quickly move to a competitor. (Vonage 2019)

Moreover, 60% of us would go with a competitor after just one bad experience. ONE! (Zendesk)

This puts a lot of pressure on the legal sector to offer good customer service as simply offering a good legal service and being exceptional at what you do is not enough to drive your client’s satisfaction, it needs to come in a package with the overall experience they have with your company that usually starts from a simple phone call that can make or break the interaction.

Simply put, customer service is a critical component on the road to success for the legal sector, and when it’s done correctly, it will boost your business to new heights.


The good news? You are not alone, and you really don’t need to do everything by yourself.


Outsourcing your reception and customer service is really easy, very fast to integrate and very efficient. You will seem more professional and you will gain more free time to focus on growing your business. Not to mention it costs significantly less than an in-house employee – you can save up to 80% on hiring costs – no PAYE, HR, equipment and holiday cover. All you need to do is to find the right outsourced customer service provider in the UK to suit your law firm’s needs.

At e-PA, we pride ourselves on having extensive expertise in handling enquiries related (but not limited) to:

Criminal Law

Family Law


Wills & Probate

Commercial Law

Employment Law

Litigation Law


We are a dedicated, hard-working, and professional team of experienced virtual  PA‘s and we are customer service specialists, with over 20 years of experience supporting the legal sector. We are the perfect fit for any customer-focused business, with a proven track record of improving customer experiences, increasing sales, and promoting growth – no matter how small you are or how big you will grow. We work remotely as if based in your office.


solicitors your calls, cared for by professional people


1. Telephone answering service tailored for solicitors


“I am a solicitor and just started my legal firm, but I am struggling to keep up with my business phone calls. I am losing money, time, and potential clients. I am overwhelmed doing everything by myself.”


No need to worry! A call-handling service is a perfect solution! Statistics show that 93% of people use the telephone when contacting a business (Salesforce) and a first phone interaction can “make or break” the connection between you and your potential client.

e-PA can work as your full or part-time receptionist, so you never miss a call again! Calls are answered in your company name with confidence and empathy along with professional phone etiquette and attitude. We don’t just answer your calls, we handle them.

  • We only work when you need us
  • We really understand your business and we tailor our services according to your legal business needs
  • We will send you a detailed message by email or SMS after each call that was handled in your company name
  • We can transfer calls to a landline or mobile

Click here to find out more about the service.


2. Outsourced switchboard & professional receptionist teams for the legal industry


“My law firm already has a receptionist that handles phone calls but it’s getting out of hand keeping up with all departments’ enquiries and our clients have complained about waiting times or engaged tone”

At e-PA we are more than equipped to help: our outsourced switchboard & professional receptionist teams tailored to your legal sector needs can take overflow calls for your current in-house team or even provide full-time reception support so you never have to worry about staff cover, busy periods or emergencies.
You’ll be able to switch off your phone while in a meeting with a client, when in court dealing with a case or even while taking some well-deserved time off – your calls will be answered with a first-class attitude and transferred to the correct department of your legal business, so you don’t have to worry about more pressure on your existing in-house staff or losing clients due to poor customer service.
We provide a seamless customer experience and reduce call waiting times, all while increasing your client’s satisfaction.

You can find more information about our outsourced switchboard and how it works here.


3. Customer service teams for solicitors & legal firms


“Our legal company has grown a lot recently and our reception team is flooded with enquiries on all channels of communication, for all departments. Help!”


Create an exceptional first impression and offer consistency to your existing clients by answering their enquiries in time, on all channels of communication available.

e-PA’s exceptional customer service teams can:

  • Answer your phones in your company name
  • Answer website live-chat enquiries
  • Wow your website visitors with an option to speak with a real, professional person, face-to-face: Live Video Receptionist
  • Impress every potential customer with call back answering requests from contact forms on your website
  • Reply to questions and enquiries on your social media platforms
  • Monitor, filter and respond to email addresses of your choice
  • Diary and appointment management, ensuring bookings, cancellations, and amendments are recorded, and all parties notified.
  • Full (or partial) management of clients’ commercial or personal diaries, keeping them well-maintained and eliminating double bookings and scheduling conflicts.
  • All appointments/bookings received through answered customer enquiries are automatically entered into diaries, and notifications/reminders are sent, automatically
  • Seamless and professional, as if based in your office

Find out more about our customer service teams and how they can help your legal business here!


We are industry experts! Globally unique and the UKs leading outsourced customer service provider.  We have handled millions of enquiries, you might have talked to us yourself!


Answering Services for the legal industry

Telephone Answering: e-PA can work as your full or part-time receptionist, protecting your business from potential missed calls. Calls are promptly answered in your company name with confidence and a helpful attitude.

Diary Management: Eliminate wasted time, missed appointments and scheduling conflicts. Your e-PA can take bookings directly, via email, update, and maintain multiple diaries and immediately inform you of changes and cancellations.

Live-Help Chat Answering: A chat feature on your website is a perfect way to encourage more productive interaction from your visitors. Your e-PA receives a notification when a visitor wants to chat and promptly answers each request.

Live Video Receptionists: Dramatically modernise your customer service, with face-to-face video calls. Your professional and knowledgeable e-PA will answer all video calls received through your website, taking your customer service to the next level.

Email Management: Inboxes monitored, filtered & no enquiries missed. Your e-PA will ensure that any bookings, appointments or reservations that are received via email are updated in your diaries, immediately, once they arrive.

Social Media Answering: Every question & enquiry, from multiple social media platforms, is answered quickly. Your e-PA will constantly monitor these channels, taking detailed messages, providing support, and forwarding enquiries to the right people.


Answering Add-Ons tailored for legal firms

Website & CRM Integration: No need to spend time learning (or training staff) on new systems. Your e-PA will integrate with your existing website and software, ensuring a seamless continuation of your business practices, with the addition of our services, from day one.

Payment Acquisition: Your e-PA can take payment information and process transactions immediately, over the phone, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems.

Call-Back: Your e-PA responds quickly to call-back requests submitted via social media or website, improving your customer service, by eliminating the need for clients to be kept waiting. Simple tasks, such as providing info, or taking payments can be completed, by us, effortlessly.

Business Postal Addresses: Have your post sent to an address & forwarded to you. This service is a perfect option if you don’t want to advertise a personal address or if you’re looking to increase your business profile.

Telephone Numbers: Boost your business’ professional image, by using a bespoke business landline number. We can supply commercial numbers, such as 0800, or those with any area code of your choosing.

If you are already subscribed to an answering service, activate your add-on here.


e-pa the service your customers will love


We’d love to offer you the chance to try our Answering Services uniquely tailored for the legal industry with absolutely zero costs and no obligation for a limited period of time:

e-PA Virtual Services - START FREE TRIAL

You can give us a call at 0800 999 0004  or Request a Call-Back.


You need seamless integration of your business CRM system with your answering services? Read how in our article here!

Outsourcing your reception and customer service can be a game changer for the property sector

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