How To Choose The Right Professional Business Telephone Number

professional business telephone number

It goes without saying that a business is not a “real” business without a professional telephone number attached to it.
Not only that but it has been shown in statistics over and over again (Zendesk) that the telephone is still the preferred channel of communication for most customers, followed by email, live chat, and social platforms.

Does my business need a professional telephone number? 

Interestingly, a business phone number has a considerably greater influence than you would initially think.

Individual differences in how phone numbers are interpreted will obviously have an impact on how your brand is seen, as well as the possibility that someone will pick up the phone when you call. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully analyse a variety of factors before selecting a phone number to use and advertise to potential customers.
When searching for a business phone number you will likely be asked if you want a local or a national number. Each has benefits and drawbacks, and your decision will be entirely influenced by your audience.

professional business telephone numbers


Which professional telephone number suits my business best?


freephone 0800 business telephone numbers

1. Freephone – 0800 telephone numbers

Your customers can contact your business free of charge from within the UK.



check sign Boost sales by up to 300%

check sign Most established UK prefix

check sign Strong national presence

In fact, studies have shown that 68% of people believe that businesses with freephone numbers value their customers more.
Both big and small businesses can profit greatly from obtaining an 0800 freephone number.


premium 0845 business telephone numbers


2. Premium – 0845 telephone numbers

Your customers will be charged per minute when calling your business number.


check sign Customer-friendly

check sign Attract new business

check sign Promote a local presence


local rate telephone numbers for businesses


3. Local – Local rate telephone numbers for businesses

Attractive local numbers, perfect for local and high street businesses.


Also known as regional numbers, are frequently the best option for companies that operate in a particular region. Customers may be more likely to choose a company over its rivals if it has a local number, especially if they’re looking for a nearby supplier.

This is frequently true for trades like builders, roofers, plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc. because clients want to work with local businesses and need somebody who can get to them promptly.
It is also a no-brainer for companies like restaurants, hair salons, and beauty parlours that have a physical location in the neighbourhood and accept reservations, orders, or appointment bookings over the phone.
Growing companies that are expanding into a particular area might wish to think about purchasing extra local numbers to cover a new area. No matter where the caller is located, all numbers can still be routed to a single landline or mobile.

international telephone numbers for businesses


4. International telephone numbers for businesses

Increase international sales by providing an appropriate phone number.


Our takeaway on choosing the best phone number for your business

We know that your advertised number is significant. With optional extra services and a wide range of numbers to choose from, you can be sure we’ll find the right one for your business! You can always opt to top-up your business phone number with exceptional answering services to further enhance the functionality of your customer service, like:

e-PA can provide your business with a freephone 0800 telephone number, a low-cost at local rate telephone number, a premium 0845 telephone number or an international phone number.
Find business phone numbers that work for you and never miss a business call again!

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