Live Video Receptionist – The Next Generation of Customer Service

e pa services live video receptionist your website visitors with an option to speak with a real, professional person, face-to-face. Your designated e-PA understands your business as if based in your office.


What is a live video receptionist?

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A live video receptionist offers your website visitors the opportunity to connect with a real, live person that represents your business, via video call. Unlike automated systems, virtual receptionists create exceptional client experiences while performing tasks as an in-house hire would do.
Our highly-professional live video e-PA team is trained to support your online visitors, providing seamless support and customer service, with a great deal of knowledge about your company, products/services, and industry.


The key benefits of face-to-face online interaction:

While online automation may have been a game-changer a decade or so ago, in today’s high-tech world, human interaction is more valuable than ever. 2020 and 2021 studies were conducted to establish whether the pandemic had altered peoples’ social interaction preferences when making a purchase, now that almost all industries had moved online. The results reinforced the importance that direct contact at the time of purchase actually grew in almost all segments analysed.  (BARE International)
What are the key benefits of face-to-face online interactions?

  • A positive experience for the customer:

    A face-to-face meeting is an opportunity to create a personalised experience that leaves the customer feeling appreciated and increases the probability of a sale. Meeting in person makes the customer feel more valued, as their thoughts are heard and their questions are answered immediately. Delivering a positive, memorable experience also increases the likelihood that they will recommend your business to others.

  • More effective communication:

    A conversation in person is more natural and effective, with the benefits of non-verbal cues – we can use a tone of voice, body language and facial expressions to convey our message and understand the responses.

  • Better customer knowledge:

    Listening to your customer’s questions, reactions and objections can help shape your future marketing and sales strategies, as well as give a better understanding of their requirements. Being able to anticipate and prepare for all queries helps to ensure quick solutions and builds your company’s credibility in the digital space.

  • Increased visibility and trust:

    Website visitors feel more secure when they recognise a brand and are able to speak to a representative in person. Trust is developed through this personal face-to-face connection and encourages long-term loyalty (11 Effective Ways to Improve Customer Retention).


How does the live video receptionist service work?


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  • You won’t need to do a single thing. We will simply install the plug-in on your website and your live video receptionist can start interacting with visitors instantly. No downloads, no installations.
  • Your website visitors will have an instant option to speak via video, audio or text, whatever they prefer. Your e-PA answers each enquiry quickly. You receive a report instantly after each video or chat.
  • Your e-PA is ready to help your business in any way possible, including order taking, appointment booking, general questions, website navigation, product information, quality assurance, and more.


Live video receptionist service offers an option for everyone:

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  • Video call

    Smiles ahoy! Immediate video contact with no downloads, no installations!

  • Instant Messaging

    The instant chat option ensures visitors never miss the opportunity to ask their questions.

  • Audio Call

    Say “hello” to super convenient audio calls, straight from your website.

  • Screen Sharing

    Eliminate misunderstandings that waste time and delay progress.



A few ways we help our clients:


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  • Order taking – Processing orders and payments using websites or e-commerce portals.
  • Appointment booking – Booking appointments using websites, software, or online calendars.
  • General questions – Assistance with general company questions, office directions, etc.
  • Website navigation – Assistance with the use of the website, form completion, and resources.
  • Product information – Assistance with general service or product information and prices.
  • Complaints and advice – General help with customer problems, logging reports, and reporting issues.


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