12 Ways Small Business Owners Can Start The New Year Off Right

e pa just the facts 12 ways small business owners can start the new year off right

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We’ve just rung in 2022…. I know, given the past couple of years, we couldn’t believe that, either!

Let us start this first blog entry of 2022 by saying a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! We hope 2022 brings you all the health, happiness, & prosperity you deserve!

If you’re anything like us, you see the new year as the perfect opportunity to finally implement them much-needed changes you’ve been talking about ‘getting round to’, since the middle of last year. Much like your resolution diet, or that new gym regime you’ve promised yourself you’ll make time for, look at the start of the year as a veritable ‘clean slate’ from which to build your success of the year ahead on.

So, what can you do to get this new year off to a good start?

Here are a dozen ideas. You may not need to implement all of them, so choose the ones that are most relevant, as well as those that will help you and your business the most:

  • Clean up your act – Go through all of your old files (both digital and physical) and purge what you don’t need. You’ll feel lighter and more energised. It’s also a good idea to plan a companywide clean-up day for all your employees to get their work spaces in order, too.
  • Simplify your technological life – How many apps do you have on your phone? What about subscriptions? How many of them do you actually use? Ditch the unnecessary apps and streamline your home screen to just the ones you need. This also applies to apps and subscriptions to services on your company computers – Why continue to let them auto-renew, if you no longer need them?
  • Get on schedule – Is your diary management solution working for you? If not, find a new one. (Maybe it’s a paper calendar — that’s OK. The point is to find the system that’s most effective for you). Better yet, outsource your diary management to a team that can offer a comprehensive solution (like e-PA’s Diary Management service), and take the stress and hassle off your plate entirely.
  • Give your business a makeover – If customers come to your place of business, January is the perfect time to give it a new look. Decide if you need new signage, a new coat of paint, or new furniture and fixtures to update it for the coming year. You’d be surprised how much the refresh will also do wonders for yours and your staff’s motivation, too.
  • Revisit your plans from the past year – When 2021 started, what goals did you set? Have you achieved them? If not, do you still care about them? If you do care, figure out what stopped you from following through in 2021, and what you can do differently this year.
  • Drop a quick note to your 10 most important clients – Let them know how much they mean to you and why.
  • Reconnect with colleagues and prospects – Maybe you talked about a big project with a colleague last summer, but both of you dropped the ball. Reach out to the person again to see how you can work together in 2022.
  • Commit to learning – To stay on top of your industry’s news and trends in the coming year, find a new blog, publication or newsletter in your field to follow. Sign-up for an upcoming industry conference or event.
  • Get your tax documents in order – There are often lots of tax changes that come with a new year, so get a head start on tax time now. Gather all your 2021 documents and data in one place and make an appointment with your accountant.
  • Set up a date this month to meet with each of your employees – Discuss their goals for 2022, set measurable goals for each person and, if possible, tie their success to a bonus plan or other reward. It’s a great way to keep employees motivated.
  • Help your employees be healthier this year – Employee health and wellness are increasingly important to worker satisfaction. Figure out ways your company can support employees in reducing stress and becoming more physically fit. For instance, you could schedule twice-daily ‘stretch breaks’ or invest in standing desks or a ‘workplace workout’ space. A companywide weight-loss challenge is also a great idea for January. Keep an eye on our e-PA blog, as we have some awesome content on workplace wellbeing on there right now, and more coming up too.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself – If you’re the type who likes to make New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to overburden yourself with dozens of unrealistic goals. Keeping your resolutions manageable will make them easier to live by. Try making one resolution each for your mental, physical and emotional health, or one resolution for your business and one for your personal life.

Along those lines, make time this year to occasionally relax and recharge. It will help you stay energised and focused throughout 2022.

Bonus Tip: Speak to us at e-PA… Sure, we are in the business of providing multi-channel answering and business support services, and love working with small businesses like yours but, believe us when we say, our bigger passion is inspiring, educating and promoting wellbeing and harmony in like-minded workplaces.

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