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It’s not exactly a secret recipe that good leadership, coupled with good company culture results in a happier workplace that, in turn, provides better customer experiences. If you find yourself looking to change your company’s culture, open new channels of interaction, or improve your customers’ experiences, you will often find that this change needs to start with you.


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, AND shows the way.” (John C. Maxwell)


In any customer-driven business, adapting to cultural changes and focusing on the customer is everybody’s job but, what today’s most successful businesses and brands have in common, is good leadership. As a leader, it’s your job to set the standard and be an example for every employee, at every level. When employees are clear on company priorities from the top down and can see leadership skills in action, they’re more likely to act accordingly and offer your customers the service they want and deserve.


As an executive, think about the trickle-down effect of your own customer service and leadership skills, as they impact employees and end with your customers. How much needs to change? If you’re not retaining customers and acquiring new customers at the rate you’d like, is it possible that you need to invest more time and resources into your employees first? If you make your employees a priority, they will be more engaged in creating and maintaining the positive company culture you want. Amazingly, companies with more engaged employees have twice the customer loyalty. Engaged, happy employees are simply better at creating excellent customer experiences and providing top-notch customer service.


5 Behaviours that Lead to Better Customer Experiences:

Effective leaders dive in at every level to create a more customer-centric culture and ensure a business’s success. As a leader, make sure to regularly try the following:

  • Keep in touch with front-line employees, such as your customer service team, and listen to their suggestions for improvement. They talk with customers and have the best pulse on what’s working and what could be improved.
  • Frequent your company’s website and use your company’s products and services. See your company through the eyes of a customer. Try blocking an hour a week just to surf the web or to learn a new feature. You’d be surprised how much more you see when looking in at your business, from the outside.
  • Work the front lines to keep yourself grounded and in touch with your customers. It’s humbling, but it can also be fun. Make a point of participating in customer service operations on a significant level, whether it’s interacting with customers at your retail store, talking with clients daily, or taking a call from a customer who has voiced a complaint.
  • Read online reviews about your products or services, and respond personally to poor reviews, by offering a positive solution. Even if the customer who left the review doesn’t come back, your employees, customers, and prospects will notice your response and see that you care.
  • Listen, listen, listen! – This can’t be said enough times. Hold informal one-on-ones with employees. Sit in on team meetings and simply observe. The more leaders listen and engage, the easier it becomes to act from a place of empathy. This leads to more positive employee interactions and creates more engaging customer experiences where employees take their commitment to excellent customer service and feel empowered to do what it takes to deliver the same great service.

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