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e pa just the facts 12 ways small business owners can start the new year off right

12 Ways Small Business Owners Can Start The New Year Off Right

e-PA: Just the Facts... Join us for some unfettered facts! We’ve just rung in 2022.... I know, given the past couple of years, we couldn't believe that, either! Let us start this first blog entry of 2022 by saying a ...
e pa virtual services blog how to avoid burnout over christmas

How to Avoid Burnout Over Christmas

Many of us think of the Christmas period as a time for celebrating, but it can quickly and easily become a stressful affair. Whether it's financial pressures and over-spending, unrelenting social obligations, or being forced to spend time with extended ...
blog e pa services the hidden cost of ignoring emails

The Hidden Cost of Ignoring Emails

Your insight into what we do, how we do it, and why it works! Since its inception and mainstream uptake in the '90s, email has remained the 'top dog', when it comes to communication. It is still very much the ...
e pa blog workplace nutrition & health

Work-Life Balance: Workplace Nutrition & Health

You know the score... Hectic workdays, long meetings, countless business trips, and your eyes glued to your computer screen, day in, day out. When are you supposed to get the time to think about a health-conscious diet, right? This edition ...
blog just the facts do not edit (1)

5 Tried and Tested Customer Service Tips

e-PA: Just the Facts - Your regular dose of business "edu-tainment".   Despite the modern shift customer-focused industries have seen over the past couple of decades - particularly with the significant uptake of technology-based and "virtual" customer interaction, there are ...
blog e pa services missing a call is like letting a customer leave your shop

Missing a Call is Like Letting a Customer Leave Your Shop

Our chance to flex our ego, and show the world why we do what we do, and how much we enjoy it! Today we are going to dive further into one of the countless reasons why our top-notch Telephone Answering ...
e pa blog the art of delegation

Work-Life Balance: The Art of Delegation

The past couple of e-PA: Wellbeing articles have seen us discuss the benefits of a work-life balance, and the harmony and equilibrium it brings, along with ways you can incorporate elements of this improved way of living and working into ...
blog just the facts do not edit

Better Leadership Creates Better Customer Service

e-PA: Just the Facts... Business advice, news and tips from e-PA - your business success companion. It's not exactly a secret recipe that good leadership, coupled with good company culture results in a happier workplace that, in turn, provides better ...
e pa blog how to improve yours, today!

Work-Life Balance: How to Improve Yours, Today!

As highlighted in our previous e-PA: Wellbeing blog entry, 'Work-Life Balance: The Key to Business Success & a Better You!' we established that a good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, including increased business productivity, improved mental and physical health, ...

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